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Port of Shelburne

Fee Schedule

Shelburne Marine Terminal Pricing
(effective 1 April 2021)

Fishing Fleets *:  
Fishing Vessels under 60 meters2 $6.75/day
Fishing Vessels over 60 meters2 to 100 meters2 $10/day
Fishing Vessels over 100 meters2 $16.75/day
Herring Seiners:  
Seiner Vessels (all) $150/day
Offloading and Top Wharfage  Subject to Transport Canada rate plus $1/tonne
Non-Fishing Fleets:  
Cargo Ships, Tugboats and Barges $475/day
Offloading Rate Subject to Transport Canada rate
Top Wharfage Subject to Transport Canada rate plus 2.5ยข/tonne
Canadian Coast Guard Vessels:  
Vessels under 100 meters2 $50/day
Vessels over 100 meters2 to 800 meters2 $175/day
Vessels over 800 meters2 $325/day
Pleasure Crafts*:  
Pleasure Crafts 12 meters long and under $35/day
Pleasure Crafts over 12 meters long $50/day
Other Costs:  
Vessels requiring Gate Security during offload $40/hour
Dumpsters delivered $125/each bin
Contract deliveries $550/year per company
Bulk Water $10/meter2 (minimum charge $50)
Power (50 Amp, 100 Amp, and up) Actual metered usage
Water or Power connect/disconnect $100/connect/disconnect event
Surcharge (administration, disposal of any oil rags, old filters, waste oil) $40 per invoice


*Note: berthage rates for * categories above include self-serve power usage (30 Amp only) and access to Port dumpsters


Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) extra