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Port of Shelburne

Fee Schedule

Rate Schedule – Shelburne Port Authority: Effective February 07/2018

BerthageDaily Rate
Fishing Vessels under 30 meters   $0.49 /meter
Non-Fishing Vessels under 30 meters $0.99 /meter
All Vessels over 30 meters $2.64 /meter
All Vessels Loading / Offloading  $1.69 /meter

Notes: Berthage less than one (1) day will be charged at the rate for one (1) day; vessels loading or offloading for any portion of a day will be charged the loading/offloading rate for the day; there is a maximum charge of twenty (20) days berthage per month after which there will be no charge for berthage for the remainder of the month.

Cruise Passenger Charges 

Adults $5.00
Children under 12 $2.50

Service Charges

Water / Power Connection or Disconnection Fee $40.00
After-Hours Connection or Disconnection Fee $100.00
Water $8.07/cubic meter or minimum rate of $50.00 per fill
Security $25 /hour per Officer


30 AMP $13.22 /day  
50 AMP $44.55 /day
100 AMP $62 /day

Wharfage - Transport Canada wharfage rates apply

Licensing Fees

Deliveries $500 /year
Trades $100 /year

Penalties & Fines

Garbage Clean-Up Penalty: $200 /offence


Waste Oil/Filters/Rags Surcharge: $8 /invoice